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Bing Anonymous URL Submission Tool Being Retired

Anonymous URL Submission Tool Being Retired

Saying Goodbye is never easy, but the time has come to announce the withdrawal of anonymous non-signed in support Bing's URL submission tool. Webmaster will still be able to log in and access Submit URL tool in Bing Webmaster Tools, and this is easier than ever as the tool now supports Google and Facebook authentication in addition to existing Microsoft accounts.

Why say goodbye ?

Well, the URLs received are by far too low quality to be trustable, and webmasters preferring having more ownership of the URLs for their site.

In order to use the tool, webmasters just need to login, add and verify their site. Then navigate to the Submit URL tool within the Configure My Site menu options.

In case the webmasters want to use our Bing Webmaster tools API, webmasters have to generate an API key through Bing Webmaster Tools and follow the guidelines for its usage here. In case you haven't signed up on the tool yet, please click here to sign up.

Thank you,
The Bing Webmaster Tools Team

Monday, February 22, 2016

Great SEO

For great SEO, use the best tools :

1) Google Analytics

2) Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

3) Create a sitemap.xml

4) Create a robots.txt

5) Find keyword phrases.

6) Find new trends

7) Page speed

8) Structured data testing tool

For great SEO, use the best technics :

1) Randomize the content, create new content :

  1. Infographics
  2. Podcast
  3. Meme
  4. Videos
  5. Guides
  6. Reviews
  7. How-to
  8. Link pages
  9. Ebook
  10. Case Study
  11. Lists
  12. Interview
  13. Research

2) Optimize the pages :

  1. Meta descriptions
  2. Permalink structure
  3. Headings
  4. Images
  5. Content & length
  6. Semantics
  7. Site structure
  8. Internal linking

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tools for Risky SEO

10 Tools for Risky SEO

1) Auto Splog

Simplifiez-vous la vie ! Grâce à AutoSplog vous allez gagner un temps précieux ! Vous allez créer un réseau éfficace de milliers de blogs et tout ca en UNE SEULE opération, gain de temps garanti ! Linking Automatique : Maillage automatique de vos reseaux de splogs ! Texte unique : Scrap de contenu libre de droit et transformation de votre texte pour le rendre unique et présentable. Facile à utiliser : Aussi facile à utiliser que les hooks de base LFE 100% compatible : Integration totale avec votre installation LFE, Xrumer, Senuke, ..., garantie 100% compatible.


3) LinkfarmEvolution


Seems outdated...The last post on Twitter is 2009

4) Rocketlinks


Nous mettons en relation blogueurs et annonceurs RocketLinks propose une plateforme à destination des professionnels du webmarketing et à toutes les entreprises souhaitant développer leur visibilité grâce aux blogueurs.

5) Scrapebox


I will get to the point, Time is Money. We can’t create more hours in a day, BUT we can Automate Tasks so they take minutes rather than hours so we can get more done. For a limited time i’m offering you the chance to grab My Personal Tool called ScrapeBox. How would you like to…

6) SEnuke XCr


RANK #1 IN GOOGLE FOR YOUR KEYWORDS WITHIN DAYS! Take our 14 day free trial by clicking the button below, now!

7) Seohackers


SEO Hackers vous propose des outils pour vous aider à positionner votre site Internet rapidement sur les moteurs de recherche et plus particulièrement Google. 162 sites de communiqués de presse, 1599 annuaires, facilité de configuration et de prise en main, efficacité, transparence et tarif abordable. Commencez dès maintenant à populariser votre site sur les moteurs de recherche avec nos offres accessibles dès 40€.

8) Sick Submitter

Sick Submitter

You spend a lot of time and hard work into building your site's popularity, yet it’s very easy for your competitors to seek a way to outrank your page position and spy on you. The most proven technique to protect your online brand and get higher rankings is through backlink building. Sick Marketing's Submitter lets you do just that with amazing speed and ease.

9) XRumer


This software will help to increase traffic to website to hundreds, thousands times. Program have a rich seven year history, which use experience of professionals in search engine optimization. Appreciate and use a truly unique and powerful XRumer program, can both professionals and beginners.

10) Zennoposter


Too much time wasted on routine work? Lots of ideas, but no time to fulfill them? No time to study programming, but you’d like to automate everything? Stop spending funds on programmers and freelancers! If you’re able to program yourself and are tired of annoying requests and being stuck using messy scripts… This is the right program for you! After spending only a few minutes you will understand the ease behind this program. Soon you will be readily applying ZennoPoster for auto registrations, parsers, postings, uploaders and social bookmarkers. Use your imagination and design countless other resources yourself! Our team effort provides you a spectacular product which will maximize your gains through simplifying your work. To use the ZennoPoster you don’t need any special knowledge, its functionality is only outweighed by its simplicity! Having spent only 5-10 minutes of your time, you will understand that you really deserve this program. The sky is the limit on freedoms you can achieve through true automation. You won’t have to ask for programmers or freelancers assistance, so all your SEO techniques and ideas will remain working for you exclusively! Once familiar with the basic nature of the program you will be creating unique projects with ease, steadily increasing your level of workmanship. You will truly be able to create your own “cash” button!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Google dorking for search

You can use Google Dorking for security, and Google Dorking to optimize your SEO using a complete syntax.


Returns the website pages.


Returns files with the filetype in the URL. Filetype can be doc,ini,txt,sql,etc...


Returns files with the string in URL.


Returns files with the string in the text.

Examples :

intext:add-url & & filetype:html & inurl:Add Url :

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yandex Webmaster Tools

General information
Check URL

-- Site structure
-- Pages on search
-- Links to website
-- Excluded pages
++ Indexing
--- Number of requests
--- HTTP codes
--- Pages visited by robot
--- Webpages available on Yandex search
--- Links to website
--- TIC

Indexing options
-- Robots.txt analysis
-- Sitemap files
-- Main mirror

Search queries
-- Popular queries
-- History
-- My regions
++ My searches
--- Statistics
--- Settings

Site geography
-- Site region

Appearance in search results
-- Interactive answers
-- SERP links
-- URL letter case

1) Yandex Add a site

2) Yandex Number of robot requests

According to Yandex : The following section contains information about the total number of Yandex indexing robot requests to your site, as well as the number of connection errors that occurred while attempting to access your site. Connection errors are normally caused by incorrect server or DNS configurations. Please contact your server administrator if any of these errors are detected. This information is updated daily and will be available for one day. Time according to UTC.*

3) Yandex HTTP status codes

According to Yandex : While indexing your site, the Yandex robot sends requests to your web server and receives various HTTP codes in response. Temporary server problems may lead to pages being removed from the search index. You can find information about HTTP code responses below. Check your server log to find out the address of any webpage that issues an HTTP code when requested by our robot. You can check your server response at any time using our Server response check tool. This information is updated daily and will be available for one day. Time according to UTC.*

4) Yandex Robots.txt analysis

According to Yandex : When the page opens, the "robots.txt" field will contain the file downloaded from your website. To find out if our robot will visit the pages given in the "URL list" window, click "Check". By editing the rules you can create a robots.txt file that's suited to your website. Please remember that by simply doing this the file on your website will not change. You will need to manually upload the updated file to your website for the changes to take effect.*

5)Yandex Search queries "My regions"

According to Yandex : Select the regional search results statistics you would like to receive. Then in around a week's time statistical information about displays and clicks for these queries will appear in the "Popular queries" section. You can choose up to a maximum of 25 regions.*

This is one fabulous option to analyze search queries...

6) What is TIC ?

According to Yandex :

A Citation Index (CI) is a scientific means of quantifying the “importance” of a scholar's research or work. The number of links to a piece of work from other sources determines the index value of that work. However, to determine the importance of a piece of research as accurately as possible, the quality of these links should be considered along with the quantity. Academic publications, newspapers and entertainment magazines may all link to a particular piece of research. The relative weight of links on these sources varies. Our Thematic Citation Index (TIC) determines the “credibility” of internet resources based on a qualitative assessment of links to other sites. The greater the quality the more “weight” the link is said to have. This indicator is calculated by a specially developed algorithm. The similarity in content between the source and the site to which it links, plays an important part in this equation. The number of links to a specific site also influences the TIC value, but the TIC is not ultimately defined by the quantity of links, but the total of their weights. As a means of determining the credibility of various internet resources, we employ this method to calculate how accurately sites are categorized in Yandex.Catalog. The TIC is not purely a quantitative indicator, so we use a number of rounded figures, which help us evaluate the “importance” (“credibility”) of resources in each area (category). The concept behind the Thematic Citation Index is quite simple. As a general rule, people who create websites pay close attention to the content both of their own website and the sites to which they link (as they are effectively recommending this content to their visitors). Our TIC takes into account links to other sites and assigns each link a "weight" (a value) depending on the credibility of the linking site.

Thursday, November 20, 2014