Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hakia technology

hakia is a pioneering company in semantic search technology.

The mission of hakia is to innovate, develop, and deploy semantic search solutions to meet the increasing demand for elevated user expectations, business efficiency, and lowest cost.

hakia was founded in 2004 and is funded by private institutional and angel investors. Headquartered in Manhattan, New York, hakia has offices and datacenters in New York City, Maryland, and Tennessee.

Why Semantic Search?

Search has a quintessential role in the success and efficiency of any businesses. Conventional search systems (indexing keyword search) can no longer meet the increasing demand for quality results and time-saving practices in today's world, nor do they offer any room for progress for the future. As a result, semantic search has increasingly been the choice as the next step by many businesses during the last decade.

Semantic search technology is based on a computerized system that understands content and query similar to how the human brain processes natural languages. Instead of matching the occurrence of words or symbols (as done in indexing systems), semantic search systems match concepts and their meaningful variations. As a result, a number of benefits emerge:


Improves the accuracy of the search results exponentially


Transforms search function from pointing a document to pointing a direct answer


Allows flexibility to use natural language queries, thus increases user engagement


Enables semantic understanding of the user behavior via search analytics


Prevents manipulations from content providers and users


Does not rely on external inputs (i.e., popularity) for base performance


Allows customization, user input, organic improvement

These advantages result in indisputable return of investment that are reported in several enterprise-wide case studies. Please see our summary on "what is Semantic Search?"

hakia's Offer

hakia offers Enterprise Search Solution that enables businesses to improve customer satisfaction, and/or workplace efficiency by reducing the effort required to locate mission critical information. The search solution can be installed on (1) enterpise servers for employees to search for answers from internal documents, (2) enterprise's Website for customers to locate products, services, and technical support information, and (3) any platform to gather business intelligence from the open Web, news, blogs, and social media sources. Compared to conventional search systems, hakia's semantic search solution has a number of proven advantages reported in several enterprise-wide case studies.

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